The International Awards for Young People (IAYP), earlier called the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, was introduced in school in Jan 2002 as a special project of their South Zone Awards programme. Enrollment for the children of OMHSS is free.

“These awards aren’t about competition. At least not with others. The IAYP … is about furthering one’s own abilities.”
– The Telegraph, Calcutta, India- November 29, 2004

Mrs. Radha Burnier, President of the Theosophical Society, inaugurated the programme with alumni teachers as Award leaders.

The awards are in three stages:

  • The Bronze for children 14+
  • The Silver for the 15+
  • The gold for the 16+

The four areas that a participant student has to improve are:

  1. Skills Development (Learning and improving in a new skill – craft, computers, spoken English….)
  2. Physical fitness by showing improvement in games and athletics, long runs, and so on
  3. Service
  4. Adventure

The level of proficiency required in each area increases with the level of the Award. Every young person who shows the necessary improvement receives a pin and a certificate from the IAYP authority after due scrutiny of records and discussion with the award leaders of the school.

T here are adventure trips – rock climbing and trekking – for the participants and the Award Leaders, which are arranged by IAYP and a large part of the expenses also are borne by them.

Since 2002, many students have completed the Bronze and Silver, and two students, Sujendran (SSLC 2003) and Radha (SSLC 2006) have been specially identified as having great potential. The two continue to associate with the school to work towards the Gold Award. More young alumni want to enroll for the Gold Awards.